Wearable Textile System. Design layered intelligent materials

OER: Wearable Textile System. Design layered intelligent materials

Objective and scope

Placed in between the digital and human world wearables have the potentialities to change the way we live and interact with each other’s thanks to the enhanced functionality of sensing, reacting, and/or adapting to stimuli in the environments to which they are exposed.

Wearables fall in many different categories: glasses, jewellers, headgear, belts, arm wear, wrist wear, leg wear and footwear are taking on new forms and functions but also skin patches and e-textiles.

Understanding where and how to place electronics/hard components by incorporating the ‘wearer’ into the design. Design a Wearable textile systems exploiting smart textile in the field of sports. Wearable a technology deal with systems worn as unobtrusively as clothing. As such, wearables further effect the person‘s interaction with the world and his interaction with his own body. If the wearable won‘t be in accordance with wearer’s needs, it will not be an ideal solution to be worn.

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