Tinkering with and for bio and smart textiles: produce and
explore a bio-yarn

OER: Tinkering with and for Advanced Textiles. Material Tinkering as a source for the creative process

Objective and scope

Material tinkering is an informal way of learning based on creative and experimental manipulation of material ingredients and processes. It aims to explore (novel) materials from a performative and expressive-sensorial standpoint (tinkering with materials) and understand design opportunities developing further versions of the material (tinkering for materials).

The proposed exercise aims to experiment with and develop a Do-It-Yourself bio-based yarn made of sodium alginate and calcium chloride, as an alternative organic and biodegradable material for textile in clothing or other applications coming from renewable resources. Smart and conductive materials can be added in the process. In addition, the activity focuses on acquiring sensory sensitivity by exploring the qualities and characteristics of the resulting resources through senses, e.g., visual and tactile exploration.

Download the learning activity

Here you can download the learning activity as a PDF.