Intellectual Outputs

A set of implementation activities will materialise the project objectives, supported by preparation, management, quality and dissemination activities that will ensure the outreach of its results even after the project has ended. All the project results are the outcomes of our intellectual outputs. You can find them below translated into several languages.

O1. Virtual training program

Designing and developing of a virtual training program with open education resources for training higher education students with industrial and creative design applied for advanced textiles’ manufacturing.


O2. Book of lectures

Creating a book of lectures “Creative and industrial design for innovation thriving in advanced textiles’ materials”, aiming to serve as the training material to be used during the C1 learning activity.

O3. Hackathon platform

Development of a virtual hackathon platform for on open innovation and project-based training of students using real case studies and challenges from the advanced textiles’ manufacturing industry.

O4. Good practices handbook

Developing a “Project handbook of good practices & open challenges: training tools and methodologies to foster creative and industrial design in advanced textiles’ manufacturing sector”, a document containing all relevant information related to the project and its achievements as well as open challenges to be tackled.

C1. Training summer course

An intensive training summer course will be held in Milan in 2021 with participation from the students selected from four universities participating in DESTEX project using a blended methodology that will integrate the different results from DESTEX.

Communication materials

DESTEX 3rd newsletter

(also available in Italian, Catalan)

DESTEX 4th newsletter

(also available in Catalan)

DESTEX 6th newsletter

(also available in Italian)