Materials scenario  

OER: Textile recycling technologies

Objective and scope

The objective of this activity is to define a scenario, starting from a research of signals & drivers. The topic of research is the future of textile recycling materials and technologies. The main thing to explore is the material and technological scenarios of the future (10 years from now). This activity can offer the students tools and methods to help with this, it might offer us a new way of seeing the world that we design for. Envisioning sustainability and recycling practices/visions/aesthetics starting from current trends, to imagine how the world will be and the future of textile recycling materials and technologies.

Signals: A signal of change is anything that is already happening today, that could be a clue to the future. A signal might be a new invention, product, business or behaviour. A signal could be the first successful demonstration of a new technology, or the first major breakdown of an old technology.

Drivers: Drivers are the forces of change that move us toward particular futures. Behind every signal, there is at least one driver. Looking at multiple related signals can help you spot the drivers.

Scenario: A scenario is a specific story set in a future. A scenario describes the future as if it were already real.

Download the learning activity

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