Destex project arrives at its conclusion. And the IO4 Handbook, the las Intellectual Output, is finished. The Handbook seeks for the compilation of whole Destex project learning and aims at being a usefull manual to foster creative and industrial design in advanced textiles’ manufacturing sector once the project finishes.

This document is a valuable resource, where all the relevant information related to the project and its achievements as well as open challenges to be tackled are compilated.

With the reading of this Handbook, relevant stakeholders such as companies, universities, training centers, other higher education institutions, hubs, incubators and policy-makers responsible for economic development, creativity and education shall be able to acquire the learned lessons from the project and the transfer of this knowledge will bocome a direct impact in the facilitation of the design within the textile industry sector.

Download the Handbook or check it out here to know more about the lessons learned and the open challenges remaining in the incorporation of the design scope in the textile sector.