The intensive training summer course previewed by the project for the summer 2021 took place few days ago in Milano, with the participation of students from the several Higher Education Institutions participating in the project: DSKD, UB, LCI and POLIMI.

The training, structured in a week, began on 21/06/2021. This one, offered to the students diverse experiences and practical knowledge, designed for the students to be in contact with them after having done a previous work of the theoretical materials prepared by the consortium.

Every day, except Thursday (for rest and independent study), were organized so that the day began with a presentation and recapitulation, followed by virtual visits to the laboratories of the participating universities, a break and a accompanied reading time.


After lunch, group activities related to the experience of the visit and the readings made and, finally, presentation of conclusions, learnings and outstanding aspects of the day.

Finally, although on the beginning of the project the training summer course was planned to be physically and it was not possible, students reviewed the very well the adaptation and opportunities and learns that the course offered.