The 3rd transnational DESTEX meeting took place on 18th March virtually.

DESTEX partners reviewed the recent launch of the hackathon platform ( (O3), a virtual space created by POLIMI, where textile companies and students meet under a challenge format where the students propose alternative and creative solutions to companies’ current realities. As part of the evaluation of the platform, POLIMI, together with all partners support organized 2 hackathons with challenges from FINSA and CP ALUART, both members of AEI Tèxtils cluster.

The consortium also discussed the details about the third and last hackathon which will be held in April with a challenge from the Italian company FILI PARI.

The winner teams of the three hackathons will be able to participate at the DESTEX summer school which will take place in summer in Milan.

The partnership also reviewed the first version of the virtual training platform ( led by  LCI.  This platform aims to support students and companies to learn about the creative tools and innovation fostered by DESTEX with videos and open educational resources.

DSKD followed with the review of the Book of Lectures (O2) status and next steps. It will be validated in 2021 during the summer course in Milan.