DESTEX released its 2nd newsletter with the aim to present the project and its progress. It also presents latest news on developed and ongoing activities as well as some information about the current status of the project.

This issue, the main highlights are the launch of the DESTEX project website together with the presentation of the results regarding the survey hold some weeks ago, that was addressed to the students and professionals of education mainly and launched by LCI Barcelona. It highlighted very valuable information, which will be essential to focus the project towards a fully partners’ needs coverage.

In addition, need to be underlined the mentioned advances regarding the virtual training program and the second project meeting. This one, hold remotely last February 27th. In the meeting several issues were discussed, mainly tasks between the IOs and the responsible partners as well as the internal communication procedure.

Next consortium meeting is scheduled for September 23th and 24th in Athens, Greece.

Finally, it is remarkable the importance of the communication strategy. As the European Cluster Collaboration Platform is linked to the communication leader, AEI Tèxtils.

2nd DESTEX newsletter (1808 downloads)